Many calls to Milwaukee appliance repair companies concern ice makers. Ice maker repair can be complicated. There are certain common problems that you may be able to resolve yourself. Some problems, however, often cannot be repaired without special parts and knowledgeable technicians.

What to Check for FirstIce Maker Repair

There are things you should check for that will tell you whether or not calling a Milwaukee appliance repair shop. One of the first things to check is if the water is turned on. Often someone will accidently turn off the water inside the freezer compartment or at the water line which connects to the appliance.

The mechanisms responsible for first creating then expelling the ice cubes into a container or tray often get stuck. Ice cubes may get caught in the mechanism and stop the unit from producing more ice or filling with water. Check for this by looking into the chute or lifting up the mechanism where the ice drops.

Sometimes the line will freeze between the water input point and where the water empties into the unit. Several things can cause this, such as the freezer temperature is too high, or the insulation for the line is insufficient to stop the water from freezing. If your unit allows you to lower the freezer temperature then see if that eliminates the problem. If you cannot do so, then you may need to call a home appliance repair company that can do ice maker repairs.

What Symptoms Are Not the Fault of the Ice Maker

Some problems may appear to be an issue with your ice maker but are caused by something else. For example, many times people complain of odors or bad taste. This likely is not the ice maker but rather the water filter.

White specs in ice cubes do not come from the ice maker. Calcium carbonate build up in the water causes specs to form. As the water freezes, the formerly unnoticed particles become visible. Using a water filter can solve this problem.

Symptoms that Require a Service Tech

If the ice dispenser component will not eject the cubes, very likely a part needs replacement. Sometimes an ice maker will continually make ice cubes without stopping. The likely requires a new sensor or some other part internal to the ice maker. Most ice maker repair shops will have parts on hand for most major brands. If not the parts for these sorts of problems can usually be ordered locally.

Sometimes an ice maker will stop working entirely, with no visible signs of a cause. Given the complexity of ice makers today, and the way that they integrate with each refrigerator make and model in different ways sometimes, you likely will need to call a repair shop such as Lake Country Home Services.