Every year, near the end of the winter time here in Wisconsin, we start to long for great weather, for consistency so we can start to be outside again. What could be better than going onto your patio, uncovering your outdoor grill and starting the spring with a great steak dinner? But there is a problem, you haven’t fully maintained or cleaned your grill, so that you can just get that steak “on the barbie” right away. If you want some easy tips for maintaining your outdoor grill, keep on reading.

DCS Outdoor Grill

Two Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Grill

Lake Country Home Services can service only DCS outdoor grills, but many of these tips will help with any maintenance you need done with your outdoor grill. What components matter most about your grill that should be yearly attended to?

Clean off Grates

One of the most simple maintenance tips we can tell you about your outdoor grill is to make sure you brush off the grates with a nice brass brush. Many times, we will finish the fall the previous year by having one last big grill out for the year. We get so excited that we forget to clean off the grates and the inside with all the remnants remaining. The first thing you want to do is make sure this is finished when you pull out your grill.  This will give you a fresh start and will make you feel really good about how your outdoor grill looks at the beginning of the grilling year!

How to Clean off your Grates:

  1. Choose a product you can buy for cleaning your grate, generally any good stiff, long-handled, brass-bristled brush and some soapy water will work well.
  2. DCS Old vs. New Grates With a warm grill, use the brush to clean off any remnants on the grate. For remnants that have been burnt on you may have to use a special spray-on product or hot soapy water and steel wool, or a similar scraper.
  3. Once grate is clean of remnants you will want to wipe it down several times with a wet sponge and dry with some paper towels.
  4. Once cleaned, brush or spray-on a small amount of oil to keep your grate well conditioned and to prevent rusting. You must check regularly for rust and corrosion. You can remove rust with a stiff wire brush and re-condition with oil and reheating.
  5. Make sure you thoroughly rinse off any soap or other cleaning product otherwise it could create bad odors and taint food the next time you use it. Repeat multiple times to ensure success of the removal of odors.

Check Rotisserie Safety Valve and/or Thermocouple

Many people say they have to hold the button on a DCS outdoor grill the entire time the rotisserie is cooking their food. This is because when the safety valve isDCS Safety Valve Replacement or Repair released the gas flow is blocked. The valves’ ability to block the gas flow is a life saving feature of gas fireplaces, gas heaters, outdoor grills and many gas appliances. You want to make sure that your rotisserie valve is really doing its job. If you think it is not, please contact us for help or go to this link for further instructions and help. Rotisserie Safety Valve and Thermocouple Help

If you are looking for some help with your grill this Spring, or feel like you have tried everything to repair your DCS outdoor grill, know the professionals here at Lake Country Home Services are here to serve you. Give us a call at 262-367-7150 or take a look around on our website.