Finding weird items lodged into washing machines. Dealing with dryers that don’t want to dry anymore. Having your refrigerator freeze all your food, or worse, having all your food in your freezer start to thaw. These are issues that we face daily when repairing home appliances. They’re common. They’re why we’re in business. But what kind of challenges do we, as appliance repair companies, face on a larger scale? The answers may surprise you.

Not all appliance manufacturers are created equallyfisher & Paykel

When I say, “name a manufacturer of large home appliances,” who do you think of? Maytag, Whirlpool, LG? Appliances from these brands can be found in any number of houses in any neighborhood. Manufacturers such as Frigidaire, Haier or Fisher & Paykel are household names as well, and while not quite as popular compared to the other guys, they produce some very nice, high quality products. Problem is, with different manufacturers come different models with different specifications.

Lake Country Home Services is an authorized appliance repair company for all of the well-known, large manufacturers. What sets us apart is that we happen to be the ONLY authorized appliance repair company in the Southeastern Wisconsin area for Fisher & Paykel appliances.

Not all appliance repair companies are created to repair everythingFisher & Paykel Dryer

What happens when you can’t find a company that is authorized to repair an appliance that you bought from a lesser-known manufacturer? Do you allow someone to come over and troubleshoot it? This scenario plays out all the time and typically ends up costing the consumer more time and money to fix the problem.

Our advice, spend a little bit of time and find an authorized repair company. There’s a reason why they achieved authorization on those brands, they know what they’re doing.

Here are a few tips when you need to find an appliance repair company who repairs the lesser-known brands:

  1. Fisher & Paykel RefrigeratorGo to the manufacturer’s website. Normally they will provide you a space to look up who is authorized to service the brand in your area. For Fisher & Paykel appliance repair, for example, go to and plug in your zip code.
  2. Research your options. Weigh your options. If there are three authorized repair companies in your area head to their websites and check them out. You should be able to leave this exercise feeling confident that Option A, B, or C has “X” years of experience, is authorized for your brand appliances, and services your specific geographic location.
  3. Call and ask. Pick up the phone. Every repair company will price out their service differently. Get quotes from your options and weigh them against your prior company research. You’re going to need to set a time for repair anyway so why not call in advance to get a quote first?

At the end of the day all you want is to have appliances in your home that work the way they’re supposed to. If one should happen to not be performing up to it’s job, you need to get it fixed. Be assured in the work you have performed, find and hire authorized repair companies.