Appliance Repair is what Lake Country Home Services does

Performing regular maintenance of household appliances will extend their life and keep them operating at maximum efficiency. Your pocket book will benefit as well with lower energy consumption, greater reliability and less appliance repairs. By following 3 key maintenance practices you’ll reap all of these benefits.

Change the Filters

A wide array of household appliances have filters that require changing at regular intervals specified by the manufacturer. Replacing filters as recommended by the manufacturer is an important step toward extending the life of these devices and ensuring reliable operation.

  • Over time the filter in your range hood can become clogged with grease and particulate food matter. This can create unhygienic conditions in your cooking area and may even present a fire hazard in extreme cases. Replacing these filters as recommended is essential to ensure the healthiest and safest environment in the kitchen.
  • Changing the filter in your refrigerator’s water dispenser every six months can help to ensure the best tasting water for you and your family.
  • Filters are essential to the proper function of water and air purifiers. Replacing these items on a regular basis can help you achieve optimal health benefits from these appliances.

Clean and Neat

  • Keeping refrigerators and dryers clean and clear of dust and lint can significantly increase the efficiency and utility of these major appliances. Inspecting and cleaning the door seals on your refrigerator and freezer can ensure that doors close securely and that cold air stays inside to keep food fresh and delicious.
  • Accumulated dust on refrigerator coils can reduce the cooling power of this major appliance and can result in higher electric bills and faster spoilage of perishable items. Vacuum your refrigerator coils at least once a year to reduce the chance of the compressor failing, which will require a refrigerator repair by a trained technician.
  • Cleaning lint screens on dryers can help clothes dry more quickly, save energy and most importantly reduce the risk of a fire. Checking to ensure that the exhaust duct conduit is clear of blockages and presents a clear path for hot air to escape can extend the life of your dryer and can even lower your cooling bills during the summer months. Failure to keep the exhaust pathway clear of lint and debris can also result in the tripping of the thermal fuse, a safety device designed to shut down current to the heater element of electric dryers if they begin overheating. If this occurs you’ll need the services of a dryer repair technician to change out the failed thermal fuse.
  • Oven seals should also be inspected and cleaned to ensure proper temperature control during cooking and to reduce the amount of heat that escapes into your living areas.


Follow Recommended Maintenance Guidelines

All home appliances should be maintained and serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Generally these requirements can be found in the instruction manual or user guide provided with your appliance. If you don’t have the original manual, visit the website of your appliance manufacturer – most manufacturers make their product support information freely available and downloadable in PDF format. For the do-it- yourselfer, most, in not all of the more standard maintenance requirements can be done assuming you have the proper tools required for the task. Depending upon the type of appliance and manufacturer there may be special service requirements that must be done by a qualified technician.

By putting these three tips into practice, you can ensure your home appliances last longer, perform at optimal levels and save energy along the way. This can add up to significant savings and can help you manage your budget more effectively. Even with a proactive approach to preventative maintenance, on occasion an appliance may break due to a failure not related to maintenance. Manufacturing defects or appliances recently purchased used are situations in which a breakdown can occur.

No matter the reason for your need, you can count on Lake Country Home Services for fast and reliable appliance repair and maintenance services. It’s what we do.