KitchenAid RefrigeratorAs it begins to feel more and more like springtime, which means summer is quickly approaching in Wisconsin…what are you thinking about when it comes to spring cleaning? It is time to get more active again after the long cold winter. We think about all those things over the winter that we put off like going outside, taking care of that problem with that specific appliance, getting the house back to a normal pace, etc. When you are going through your list of spring cleaning tasks, here are a few screaming signs you might want to watch or listen for, that your refrigerator needs maintenance.

Sign 1: “I See Excessive Condensation”

When you start to see moisture puddling up in your refrigerator, there may be a larger issue at hand than you thought. If you didn’t just put in some food that is still moist, warm or recently cooked, then there may be a bigger problem with your fridge. This may be a sealing problem, where you may need to replace your gasket system. If this does not work, then your refrigerator may have a problem keeping a consistent internal temperature. Give us a call if you need more help with this.

Sign 2: “My Fridge Feels Too Warm”

Like all machines, refrigerators produce a measure of heat. You have a sure problem when it produces too much heat. Sometimes this is caused by neglecting to clean off the dust on the condenser coils on the back or bottom of your refrigerator. When the condenser coils are hot it will cause the motor to overcompensate, causing more unintended wear and tear. Make sure to dust off your refrigerator’s condenser coils at least once a month.

Sign 3: “My Refrigerator Is Over 10 Years Old”

Technology is constantly evolving and the older refrigerators from 10 or more years ago should most likely be replaced. Older refrigerators can really drain your wallet quickly with repairs, like old condenser coils, old technology needing updates, and quicker wear and tear. It is probably time to invest in a newer and more efficient refrigerator that will save you more money in the end.

SpecialsIf you need help looking at your refrigerator or don’t know what exactly to look at, but know there is something that needs to change, give us a call here at Lake Country Home Services! We are currently running a special for refrigerator maintenance repairs! We will help you out. Fill out our contact form or call 262-367-7150