The Most Reliable Cooktop And Stove Repairs In Waukesha And The Surrounding Areas

Going without a cooktop or a stove is not something anyone wants to experience. It’s not an option for most families to go out to eat at a restaurant every night of the week. You need your cooktop and stove working year-round to ensure you have a way to make your family a meal. However, like with all appliances, your stove or cooktop is not immune to breaking down. At some point, you’re going to need repairs.

Get The Quick Repairs You Need

When your stove stops working, you don’t have time to wait for a miracle to happen. You need to be able to cook your family a meal as soon as possible. At Lake Country Appliance Repair (Lake Country Home Services) we provide you with rock-solid repairs in a timely manner every time you call us for help. Whether you need to replace a heat element, or you have faulty wires, we’ve got everything you need within our reach.

We Can Fix The Following:

    • Gas and Electric Cooktops
    • Gas and Electric Stoves
    • Gas and Electric Ovens
  • Gas and Electric Ranges

Hire A Company That Can Do It All

When your appliances are on the fritz, you need an appliance repair team in Waukesha and surrounding areas who can handle anything from refrigerator and cooktop repairs to dishwasher and stove repairs without breaking your bank account. Our team offers you a complete range of affordable repair services for most makes and models of stoves and cooktops.

Our Repair Services Include:

  • Broken or weak oven ignitercooktop and stove repairs
  • Bake and broil element burn outs
  • Electrical issues
  • Control boards
  • Blown thermal fuses
  • Wire connections
  • Defective oven safety valves
  • Broken / defective heat selector switches
  • Defective relay boards
  • Faulty oven valves
  • Pressure regulators
  • Defective thermostats and much more!

Get Repairs That Are GUARANTEED To Last

You don’t need repairs that will work for a week or two. You need your cooktop and stove repairs to last throughout the years to come. You never notice how important your appliances are until they’ve stopped working properly. Our repair team at Lake Country Home Services is committed to providing you with a service that outlasts our competitors in all areas.

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