Garbage Disposal MaintenanceAt Lake Country Home Services, we see a lot of beat up garbage disposals in need of repair. While we are happy to fix the ones that can be repaired, many of the problems encountered could be avoided with simple and routine maintenance. Like any piece of machinery, basic upkeep will help keep a garbage disposal running at its best for as long as possible. As one of the leading Milwaukee appliance repair service providers, we feel a duty to help people prevent damage from occurring in the first place.

Proper Use Is Key

The first step in garbage disposal maintenance is proper use. Always run cold water while using the disposal. This keeps the ground materials flowing out of it. The cold helps solidify oils and fats that would otherwise cling to the blades. Keep running the water for at least twenty seconds after everything is ground up and turn the disposal off before the water. Avoid putting large chunks of food down it. They should be broken into smaller bits and then fed into it a few pieces at a time. The disposal should be run often. This prevents anything from building up around the blades and helps keep them rust free.

Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal maintenance is very easy. The basic cleaning method is to run it when it is empty and pour soap and cold water down it. Occasionally grinding hard materials, such as nut shells, fruit pits, and small bones, creates grit that will clean build-up off the walls of the disposal. Bad odors are a common problem in garbage disposals. Making vinegar ice cubes and feeding them into the disposal can help get rid of smells and it provides the same benefits as putting other hard objects down there. Pour baking soda into the disposal and let it sit for an hour or two before flushing it out. It should absorb most of the odors. Grinding the peels from citrus fruits can work as a natural air freshener.

Maintaining your Garbage Disposal

To keep the disposal running at its best, avoid putting certain things down it. Try to put as little grease as possible down it. Fibrous foods can get tangled around the blades. Starchy foods can break down and form a paste that can jam the grinder. Chemical cleaners should be avoided.

If a garbage disposal stops working, or is not performing at its best, there are a few things that can be done. Check to see if there is an object or any type of build up that is preventing the blades from turning. Garbage disposals come with a tool that can be used to turn the flywheel, but, if it cannot be found, the handle of a wooden spoon will usually be able to do the job. Most units have a reset switch. Pressing it may be all that is needed to get it running.

If you have any questions about garbage disposal maintenance, Lake Country Home Services is happy to help. If the problem is too difficult to solve on your own, we offer dependable Milwaukee appliance repair.