Factory Authorized Service Center RepairmanWith the seemingly infinite amount of information on the internet, it’s easy to believe there’s a shortcut to handling appliance repairs. Pinterest is full of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. There are websites devoted to tidbits of information known as “life hacks.” Want a life hack for repairing a broken headphone plug for $2.00? It’s out there. Having a YouTube video guide you through doing your own repairs is all the rage. However, my own experience with instructions (from a reputable internet site I might add) left me with a completely broken iPad instead of a slightly broken iPad. And let’s face it, we invest in quality appliances from brands like LG, Frigidaire, Fisher & Paykel and Whirlpool for a reason.
When my Fisher & Paykel dryer starts making a little too much noise, I don’t want to google it. I don’t want to find a random repair service somewhere in Milwaukee from the Yellow Pages. I want the best possible repair service available. Contacting a Factory Authorized Service Center guarantees I’m getting that and here’s why.


Service Centers are authorized by a manufacturer after an extensive process which isn’t limited to training. Criminal background checks for employees, evaluation of the service center’s scheduled and after hours availability, being an established business with a positive service history, compliance with local, state and federal code and ordinances, maintaining proper licenses and insurance are some of the additional requirements. If a Service Center has been that thoroughly vetted by manufacturers, they have my trust.


Service Centers get the Authorized stamp of approval after proving their expertise. Technicians receive specialized training that includes studying products, using test equipment for hand’s on experience and learning to accurately estimate the cost of repair. Technicians not only maintain their knowledge but stay current with the latest products and continued training. Additionally, being a Factory Authorized Service Center means more customers. More customers means more experience.


Manufacturers use data that’s only available to them to develop a list of most replaced parts around the world. Factory Authorized Service Centers carry these most used parts in their inventory. In many cases, these technicians won’t need to order a part and get back to you. Sure, you can hand wash your dishes for a couple days until a part comes in but do you want to? Don’t you have better things to do with your time?


Tinkering with a product by a non-authorized technician can void your warranty. Yet a Factory Authorized Service Center technician will be able to understand warranty details and act on behalf of the manufacturer for covered repairs.


Because they stay current with manufacturer information, authorized technicians will be aware of recalls and can provide a repair you didn’t even know you needed. I experienced this once, and that level of care made a lasting impression.

What’s Next?

The next time your fridge is on the fritz, remember that the manufacturer put their name on that refrigerator. That same manufacturer authorized only top notch repair companies, after an extensive certification process, to become a trusted Factory Authorized Service Center. Want a life hack for repairing your bright red, Ultra-Large Capacity with Steam Technology LG washing machine? Call Lake Country Home Services at 262-367-7150