Four Simple Tips to Reduce Refrigerator Energy Costs

“Why is my refrigerator always sucking up my money?” You may ask this question and not know what is going on with it. There are many things that may be going wrong with your refrigerator from a maintenance perspective. Here are also some things you can do to reduce the energy costs of your refrigerator on a regular basis.

Watch What Food You StoreRefrigerator Energy Costs

What and how you store food in your refrigerator can really help with energy costs. Having more food to fill up your refrigerator actually helps to reduce energy costs because there is then less air space to cool down. Yet at the same time, you want to make sure you don’t overfill so you don’t cut off the ability for the air to circulate in the appliance. Also, make sure all of your food and beverages are covered or put into containers. Any sort of moisture that is being filtered through the air in the appliance will cause the compressor to work harder.

Regularly Maintain Your Refrigerator Properly

When everything in your refrigerator is properly maintained, there are many good benefits to your refrigerator energy costs. One large issue that arises is that the plastic or rubber gaskets around the edges of the inside of the door become faulty. Sometimes, there is a little room in between the gasket and the door where it becomes easy for outside air to leak in and cold air to get out. Make sure your gaskets aren’t in need of replacing. One way to test this is to close a dollar bill in the door and if it slides easily out, then your gaskets are leaking in air.

Otherwise, also check your condenser coils, compressor, and fans. Read our past blog about caring for your refrigerator for more information. Continue reading

Three Sure Signs Your Refrigerator Needs Maintenance

KitchenAid RefrigeratorAs it begins to feel more and more like springtime, which means summer is quickly approaching in Wisconsin…what are you thinking about when it comes to spring cleaning? It is time to get more active again after the long cold winter. We think about all those things over the winter that we put off like going outside, taking care of that problem with that specific appliance, getting the house back to a normal pace, etc. When you are going through your list of spring cleaning tasks, here are a few screaming signs you might want to watch or listen for, that your refrigerator needs maintenance. Continue reading

Two Simple Maintenance Tips for Your DCS Outdoor Grill

Every year, near the end of the winter time here in Wisconsin, we start to long for great weather, for consistency so we can start to be outside again. What could be better than going onto your patio, uncovering your outdoor grill and starting the spring with a great steak dinner? But there is a problem, you haven’t fully maintained or cleaned your grill, so that you can just get that steak “on the barbie” right away. If you want some easy tips for maintaining your outdoor grill, keep on reading.

DCS Outdoor Grill Continue reading

Five Tips on How to Care for Your Refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator There’s something about refrigerators that can be pretty daunting. How do I clean it? Where do I even start? Do I need to take all of my food out and watch all of my food go to waste? The simple answer is that we must do what we need to do to maintain all of our appliances. Refrigerators are no different in this regard. Let’s walk through some simple tips on how to care for your refrigerator. Continue reading

Two Major Challenges to Being an Appliance Repair Company

Finding weird items lodged into washing machines. Dealing with dryers that don’t want to dry anymore. Having your refrigerator freeze all your food, or worse, having all your food in your freezer start to thaw. These are issues that we face daily when repairing home appliances. They’re common. They’re why we’re in business. But what kind of challenges do we, as appliance repair companies, face on a larger scale? The answers may surprise you.

Not all appliance manufacturers are created equallyfisher & Paykel

When I say, “name a manufacturer of large home appliances,” who do you think of? Maytag, Whirlpool, LG? Appliances from these brands can be found in any number of houses in any neighborhood. Manufacturers such as Frigidaire, Haier or Fisher & Paykel are household names as well, and while not quite as popular compared to the other guys, they produce some very nice, high quality products. Problem is, with different manufacturers come different models with different specifications.

Lake Country Home Services is an authorized appliance repair company for all of the well-known, large manufacturers. What sets us apart is that we happen to be the ONLY authorized appliance repair company in the Southeastern Wisconsin area for Fisher & Paykel appliances. Continue reading

Three Tips For Minimizing Home Appliance Repairs

Appliance Repair is what Lake Country Home Services does

Performing regular maintenance of household appliances will extend their life and keep them operating at maximum efficiency. Your pocket book will benefit as well with lower energy consumption, greater reliability and less appliance repairs. By following 3 key maintenance practices you’ll reap all of these benefits.

Change the Filters

A wide array of household appliances have filters that require changing at regular intervals specified by the manufacturer. Replacing filters as recommended by the manufacturer is an important step toward extending the life of these devices and ensuring reliable operation.

  • Over time the filter in your range hood can become clogged with grease and particulate food matter. This can create unhygienic conditions in your cooking area and may even present a fire hazard in extreme cases. Replacing these filters as recommended is essential to ensure the healthiest and safest environment in the kitchen.
  • Changing the filter in your refrigerator’s water dispenser every six months can help to ensure the best tasting water for you and your family.
  • Filters are essential to the proper function of water and air purifiers. Replacing these items on a regular basis can help you achieve optimal health benefits from these appliances.

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